The Rot that is Us

​Today, I wake up a disappointed citizen- Again. 
I wake up disappointed because I have realized that I live in a country where people are okay to be mediocre. We have become so content in our little zones that we don’t see how fast we are rotting. We are rotting as a people. We have forgotten all that once glued us together. 

I wake up disappointed because the only language that we speak is the tribal one. I wake up disappointed because we walk around preaching water and drinking wine. 

A mother lost a child because the doctor at a hospital that can accept her minimum wage has gone on strike because the politician that bags millions of shillings in tax money has refused to pay his wages. Why you ask? Oh you know he is simply busy trying to campaign for a better Kenya. He is not bothered that millions of lives are at stake, I mean what’s more important than Kura Yake?

A family is mourning the loss of their child because there is no food in the country. Let’s go ahead and call it a National Disaster… Will we do anything about it though? Ah well, if we send a few bags of Unga then the mwananchi will see we are hard at work. He will eat Ugali for lunch and then I will drive by in my Range Rover and ask him to take his Kura because I mean, what’s more important than Kura Yake? 

Scores of lives were lost in the post election violence because of the Tribal Language. Mheshimiwa, what will you do about it? Ah, I shall continue to divide and conquer. Spread the message of hate sugar coated in promises of doing better than this and that region. I shall tell Mwananchi that they don’t deserve the seat because they don’t speak our tongue. They are thieves. But when I get to that seat, do you know what I shall do, I shall squander public resources. I shall attend 1M budget breakfast meetings, I shall take my children to Yale where the lecturers never go on strike, I shall devour the tax payers money and I shall blame it all on Corruption. Because He is Evil but me, I am only trying to do what’s best for Mwananchi. 

The lecturers are on strike you say? Ahhh, well good they shall have more time to take Kura. Because, what’s more important than Kura Yake? The students also, I shall visit them and give them Kshs 300 to chukua Kura because they need a better Kenya and I am a better Kenya. 

What about their school work? 

What about it? This man corruption has taken away all the jobs and there is no point of them returning to this mediocre institutions that offer fake degrees and come out to this cruel land that offers zero employment. No! I shall do nothing to ease the strike. Let them strike! It leaves more time for them to take Kura. Because what’s more important than Kura?
I shall sit in my high table in August. After I win my seat. And I shall start a motion to raise my salary because Mheshimiwa is not content with the millions he squanders every month. No, I need more. 
The doctors shall strike again, and so shall the lecturers and the teacher and everyone else. I shall pay no mind though because I shall have reached my high table. I shall sleep in Parliament while they pass motions that actually matter and I shall be wide awake to play the game of He Did, She Did because what’s more important that eliminating your rivals in seats of power?
The country shall hunger but I shall pay no mind. Because I gave them Unga and they gave me 5 more years to convince them that Nothing is more important than Kura!    
We shall ignore the voice of the small man because Baba will speak for the Nation. The young generation government shall dab away our problems and at the end of the day, as the common Mwananchi bleeds for me in the streets of Tom Mboya, I shall sit on the VIP Lounge at Intercontinental with my brother and have a double shot of Whiskey while coming up with more reasons why their is nothing more important than Kura Yake. 



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