Off to Coast in Red Convertibles 

Today, I woke up with an agenda to write something super important about something that affects the environment, babies, manure or maybe politricks? Then, as it is my nature to never do what I say I’m going to do, I’m sitting here and I’m not going to write about babies or manure or the environment or the pigs in politics. I am going to write about a song sent to me by Thee Arkay called September Song.

It’s a really sweet song about young love at 15. 

Yesterday, I was busy watching Elijah watching Hayley get married to this Jackson guy when it hit me, now she’s going to be the one that got away for Elijah you know unless Klaus kills Jackson and everybody hates him but you know at least then Elijah has a chance with Hayley. Anyway, as I sat there crying like a little bitch for Elijah, I remembered, I have a ‘The One that Got away too’. My own September Song.

See, when I was like 7 years old I had this best friend called, well let’s call him Nick. My mom and Nick’s mom were really good friends and I spent a lot of time at their place with our babysitter Hannah I think. Nick and I were closer than close, we shared stupid secrets and I remember our favorite pastime was stealing coins and buying Juice Cola then taking those 2 liters bottles and making some Cola. I remember Nick once told me that if you drink too much Cola then you get drunk and that day we made 4 liters of Cola for some reason.

At Nick’s plot there was this other girl whose face I can’t remember and whose name I don’t know so let’s call her Angie. Angie would sometimes hangout with us and she had confessed that she had a thing for Nick. Each time we’d hang out I’d always try to get Nick to sit next to Angela but he wouldn’t. You know how kids run away from other kids coz they don’t want ‘cooties’? It was something like that with Nick and Angela and as always I was caught in between but you know best friends before weird girls crushing on best friends.  

One day, Nick and I were in their living room after downing 2 liters of Cola in his room it was raining I think and we must have been watching the telly or something. In his room he had this picture of a red convertible that he loved. It was his dream car or something. Anyway, he passes this piece of paper to me and in it is a question. Thinking back now, it was really sweet what he did and dear future boyfriend, when you propose to me, take notes from Nick and Ed Sheeran will you?

So, in the piece of paper was the question that every girl wanted to be asked at 7, “Will you be my girlfriend?” There were two boxes one marked Yes and the other No. Under the Yes box, he had written, If you say Yes, I’ll buy my red car and take you to Mombasa. He was just the sweetest. Anyway, have you ever met those people that are so scared of love and relationships that they run away from good things, get involved with bad things that are highly dysfunctional and end up just nasty? Yes, even at 7 I had issues. I really wanted to say yes and get my first boyfriend who would buy me Cola and those weird shaped ball gums and we would watch Tom and Jerry together till were old and grey probably living in Mombasa like we wanted. But then I said no and sorry because Angela liked Nick. I’m weirdly such a nice person aren’t I?

I don’t remember much about Nick after that whole situation, I saw him again when we were in class 6 and he moved to my school but by then we had lost our thing and I had a crush on this Luhya guy called something something. He was kind of maybe probably cute- story for another day. 

And that’s the story of how sweet Nick and I never lived happily ever after in Mombasa with his red convertible thingy.

 I miss you Nick and I hope you found the girl that said Yes and went to Mombasa with you– or not, you know there’s a chance we could meet someday so you know maybe who knows okay, bye. I have things to do. 


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