My best friend and I have been friends since we had boobs and boy problems. I think it’s safe to say that we have gone through the worst part of puberty together. We are currently in the quarter life crisis phase where we are stressed out constantly by the fact that we are 20+ and not millionaires or atleast dating Justin Beiber. 

What is our back story? We met, walked home together one day and decided that we would be besties till our boobs were tired and drooly. Okay, now it’s questions time:

1.When and How did we first meet?

Melo: We met in church. 

Me: It’s true, God actually likes us. 

2.If you could go to any place in the world, where would it be?

Melo: Paris. To see the Eiffel Tower

Me: Amsterdam. Just for the sole purpose of skydiving. I seem to have a death wish. 

3. Favorite Color? 

Melo: Grey. I’m dark like that.

Me: Purple. I’m the light one. 

4. Favorite Food?

Melo: Pilau.

Me: Spaghetti and Meat Balls. Pilau is overrated 

Melo: Shut up. 

5. Name of your Bff’s crush.

Melo: Micheal Clifford. It’s more like an obsession, it’s almost mental. 

Me: Ras. This guy was the greatest headache of our life. Haha. He was cute though… 

6. Your biggest fear?

Melo: To die not having fulfilled my life’s purpose.

Me: I’m only scared of heights, darkness, thinness, Water, Cockroaches, Bad lipstick and bad spaghetti. Yeah. 

7. Three things you cannot live without.

Melo: My earphones, my music and my junk food.

Me: Neopolitan Icecream, Pizza and 5 Seconds of Summer. 

8. What 3 movies does your BFF love the most?

Melo: We both love Investigative, drama and Comedy. 

Me: Yeah. 

9. 2 things your BFF doesn’t know about you.

Melo: Practically nothing. She knows me too much, like she’s my shadown

Me: Yeah, sometimes I can tell her before she farts. 

Melo: Haha. Why are we friends again?

Me: Because I’m awesome. 

10. Your BFF’s ideal spouse/ partner. 

Melo: A guy who will give her 100%

Me: Hmm, a guy who has a great sense of sarcasm, drives and has a great smile. It’s the only way we can be friends. 

11. How long does it take your BFF to get dressed?

Melo: An hour.

Me: She has to do her hair, her face, her eyes, her nails… Well the whole day? We’re always late to everything. It’s never my fault. 

Melo: It’s always your fault. Dumb dumb.

12. If you went out together, what would you most likely eat?

Melo: Icecream and Pizza. Plus Chicken and fries.

Me: We like to keep it healthy. 

13. Favorite TV show?

Melo: Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

Me: Yeah, we like to be informed about the world and all it’s glorious rachetness. Plus, we like the Mother of Asses- Kimmie. 

14. Favorite inside joke?

Melo: Kuweka Barrier.

Me: Hahaha…  Kasema!

15. Favorite memory?

Melo: Everytime all 4 of us are together. 

Me: By all 4 she means our two guy besties- Mark and Lex. Very cute boys if anyone wants a hookup. 

Melo: We should charge for the hookups.

Me: Yeah, do people put up single guys on OLX?

Melo: I’m officially friends with a crazy person. 

16. What annoys you most about your BFF?

Melo: Nothing. She’s awesome 

Me: I’m awesome. 

17. Last book your BFF read?

Melo: The Power of the Pussy.

Me: It’s pretty powerful. 

18. Does your BFF have any nicknames?

Melo: Mbuguade.

Me: Pinchez.

19. What’s your BFF really bad at?

Melo: Lying… Atleast to me

Me: She’s bad at being mean. She’s overly nice which is annoying. 

20. What would your BFF do if they won the lottery?

Melo: Charity. She has such a big heart .

Me: Definitely start something great business wise. She has this mind for business that will make us RICH AF! 

21. Is your BFF dating?

Melo: Yes.

Me: No.

22. Do you like your BFF’s boyfriend?

Melo: Not really. Well, No!

Me: I want to burn her ex’s car with him in it. 
Okay. Bye 😊


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