A man from Uganda and his friend swap wives because apparently both couples were cheating on each other among themselves! Earlier on today I read that a man in Kakamega has also seen it fit to swap his wife with his friend’s because of extra marital affairs.

What flabbergasts me the most is not the cheating but the swapping. It was such an easy world when cheating was rewarded with either a nasty divorce. Unfortunately, the world has become so rotten that instead of giving your cheating spouse a good old fashion divorce, that in Kenya is translated into one spouse moving out at night with their clothes, never going back and eventually getting married to another; we prefer to swap.

Now we are swapping each other. I’m trying to picture how a conversation like that even begins. “Hey, so I noticed you like my wife and I like your wife and we both know what happens in my shed at 3am in the morning every Monday and Wednesday and what happens in your shed on Tuesday and Friday. So, I was thinking, want to swap?” I mean if you are going to cheat, don’t get caught and if you are going to get caught, don’t swap. It is weird and absurd and lain wrong.

Our boyfriends cheat on us all the time and they know we know but I am not swapping one cheater for another. I mean the cycle of teaching is like a HIV virus, it’s vicious and wide spread. I cheat on you with A, A cheats on me with B, B cheats on A with C, C cheats on B with D and so the cycle continues. With this swapping trend, I don’t know if we’ll be going for a merry go round swapping partners with the people we are cheating on them with.

Look, if they cheat, leave , if you can’t leave then stay and console yourself with the fact that you may be the main chick.

I won’t say this is the beginning of the apocalypse, “Shetani halali” but get a life and if you have to cheat on your partner do it silence and peace like most partners do because for this cheating menace, there is no solution.


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