I recently watched the news and saw a piece about how patients at Kenyatta National Hospital who could not afford to pay hospital bills, were locked up in a room and denied access to medical care. To add insult to injury, the patients were also denied beds under the excuse that they were needed to accommodate the incoming patients. Now, I am not a political critic and in my 20 years of living, I have never really been interested in the political scene. So I will definitely not blame this on ‘the government’ fully. My major query is with the doctors and overall administrators of the hospital. In as much as funds are required to run the hospital like any other enterprise or entity , the last time I checked, Kenyan lives and any other for that matter are priceless.
Living in a society of the have and the have nots, public facilities especially hospitals or dispensaries that offer medical care for ‘free’ or at a reduced price remain to be the only hope for the have nots. The promise for medical care at rates that we can afford is the only thing that we have to cling onto or at least we had. There are uncountable cases of people who have been involved in gruesome accidents or fall ill with terminal diseases that are stuck in their dingy homes with little to no medical help because the promise of medical care that our politicians rant about every now and then especially when elections are nearby, remains to be the Canaan we shall never get to.


Patriotism is not only characterized by  voting or engaging in non-corrupt activities or being on the forefront to defend your country and serve it, patriotism is also defined by what you do for your fellow mate regardless of their age, gender, background or political affiliation. Love your neighbour as you love yourself and treat them right even when you see black and they see grey. The patients at Kenyatta had been locked up in a room, denied beds and  I have this feeling  ,they are going for days without medical attention.Where they get food or water remains a mystery. 
We are a struggling economy with leaders that would rather put more focus on issues that ensure them of political seats in the next election  and squander more tax payers’ money, than on issues that affect the very people they want to garner votes from. As I said earlier, my major issue is with the doctors and administrators of the hospital. Every licensed doctor takes an oath to do all that they can to assist every patient that they attend to. However, is it only in Kenya where a doctor will go out to the streets and strike leaving countless lives to be lost because their salaries are not paid on time? Who is to blame? Who will go on the street for the have nots?
I mentioned above that Kenyan lives are priceless. In all logic, how does mama mboga earning a gross income of Kshs 2,000 on a good month and taking care of 6 children pay a bed fee of Kshs 50,000? When she is in that room, in an atmosphere that is full of sickness and depression, how does the hospital expect her to come up with the Kshs 50,000? Who is out fending for her children? Is it her ‘chama’ – of course not.You want to know why insecurity and crime rates are on a level high? Well, there you have it. As for my fellow Kenyans, we do not expect to have better leaders who are caring and unselfish if we are already greedy and selfish. Garbage in. Garbage out. For a better Kenya, let us treat each other the way we would want to be treated if the tables were to be turned.  We are not our tribes or religions, we are Kenyan. #KenyansforKenya



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