Moms are the world’s sweethearts. We all love our moms even if we don’t know it. We celebrate our mothers every so often and we would literally do anything for the wonderful women that bring us to the world and would do anything to make sure we stay always loved and  comfortable. In this breathtaking love for our moms, we forget the other half of the equation – our dads.
Fathers are not celebrated that much like moms. Mother’s day is like a worldwide holiday that everybody knows and celebrates. On that day, social media buzzes with pictures of moms,most of which are collaged and messages of love from all corners of the world. It’s always seemed ironic that Father’s day is like Moi’s day to  a lot of people. It’s a holiday yes but most people like me don’t really understand why Moi’s day was ever on the calendar. In this case however, it’s sadly fathers day.

I love my father. He is 48 years,just two years short of half a century, has a tall stature and lightskin complexion – and that’s undeniably awesome. Yes people, my pops is lightskin. I always make sure that whenever I can, I make him know that in my way I do love and appreciate him. I know that I wouldn’t turn out to be this pretty,brainy,happy if he had not played his role in my life the way he did and when he did, which at times included the occasional threatening  ‘kunichapa ngoto’ and the like. I can’t really recall if he ever did but I think I have a dent in my head which must have some origin that I haven’t had a chance to trace it back to.Wait, do we  say in my head or on? I’m not sure. At times,I assume that I fell on my head as a baby which would explain a lot  Haha. I could write a million things that make my dad too awesome but I’ll stick to a few that make him stand out from the rest.

I actually thought that this part would be the easiest to write but it’s proving to be  harder than I thought. There is so much that collectively piece up to make up this amazing man that I can’t quite decide which words are worthy enough to describe him. My father played a major role in who I am today. I remember once he told me that he was the one who taught me how to walk and even now, in my early 20’s I still look up to him to show me the right steps to take. My dad as I like to tell people is a talker. My high school period was when I received a lot of lectures from him. In some way he did prepare me to sit for 3 hours and listen. I remember once, he talked from around 9pm to 1am. I don’t know what my adolescent self had done but that was a long night!One that is etched in my memory and have lived to tell in this post. His words over the years still  prove to be right and worthwhile. At times, he told me what I did not want to hear but I needed to because from the look of things, no one else was going to.

I greatly admire this man because he has raised me up to be more than I can be. To learn how to walk on stormy seas and be strong even when the situation is somewhat unbearable . To be confident. To trust myself. To be self sufficient. To be outspoken and ready to try out new things not afraid of the outcome but with a mindset that’s ready to learn and grow. Watching my dad go after something that he believes in has made me overtime  believe that nothing really is impossible except trying to bang a revolving door.

It doesn’t hurt also that my dad is funny. He actually makes jokes that we can laugh at and that is not an easy task in a house with four women. He has brought us up right and in turn we always try to make him proud and happy because he is a God fearing, awesome and generous young man.I can never tire quoting that he is awesome just so you know. It doesn’t hurt also that my dad always looks like a million dollars and has extremely good genes. I mean at 48 my dad looks younger than most guys in their 30’s. These genes did pass on to us, his three girls because we look as awesome as my dad and yes, I am bragging.


My dad is a living, breathing success story and when I am fully grown, I do not want to be anything less than my dad. He is my greatest role model and I know that every success story I have been and will be involved in, he will always be right there to cheer me on and make me better. I love you dad!

A lot of dads mess up and leave but for the ones that stay through it all, you are wonderful and appreciated and greatly deeply loved. We are glad that our dads will be here long enough to scare off all the ingenuine guys that want to date us. So appreciate your old man because his shoes can not be worn by anybody else, ever!

Daddy you are great. God bless you!
#Daddy’s Week
#Fathers Day June 19th 2016.
#To all great dads.
#We appreciate you.


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