H to O.

Going to bed yesterday, I didn’t imagine I would have to miss class today simply because I couldn’t find one simple thing-Some bathing water.


I am finally beginning to understand,appreciate and live the saying ‘You never miss the water till the well runs dry.’ Like too many people I never really understood how life changing the two part hydrogen one part oxygen component is. A few drops of water do actually make a difference. A particularly big difference.
Our dillema (and by our I mean more than a quarter of the student population at my campus)started around three weeks ago. It could be more, I have a wanting memory. It seemed like a simple gliche. A burst pipe wouldn’t be too hard to fix. Given that we are living in the nation state of Kenya we gave our beloved county government a week or so to fix it.Β 
The first week quickly passed by with promises of some water ‘in a few days’. It quickly escalated from using up all our storage water and a bit of the neighbours to praying that it will rain so that we can get some bathing water.
The water ‘guys’ took advantage of the stench of desperation to escalate prices to as high as 50 shillings a ‘mtungi.’ My roomate complained about this for about 3 days. To try and remedy this problem, we found a little stream which had some water we could bathe with. As the saying goes, nothing is free in life. There may or may not have been a man bathing there at one time and we may or may not have accidentaly drank the same water which may or may not have caused my tyhoid fever. The drugs are horrible and pink!
By the third week which should be this week, we have already resigned to the fact that until this beloved road that is under construction is done, we are going to continue enjoying dry taps, arguments with ‘msee wa maji’ to reduce the price just a little, trips to the river and the dust from the road construction that has got people coughing like fifteen year old machinery. The dust is like a constant reminder of how desert like this place had turned out. To be honest the sun does scorch abit more here.
I have barely survived the 3 or so weeks without running water in my house. It has been the real definition of trying times. The well has completely run dry.


The last few weeks got me thinking about all those people in the drought prone areas all around the world that have to go for days without water and I am grateful for life. Grateful for the little things like a glass of water I get to enjoy because trust me I am at the point where I would rather have that than a plate of food. Real talk.
Never in three billion light years did I think I would sit and write about water. Life, however, has a way of making us surprised.
Due to my typhoid encounter I am learning a few important facts about water and so far the most important lesson is : Please don’t drink water from the Kefinco stream or use it to make your porridge. It has terrible side effects.

Essy 💜


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