Cancer spreads and invades every vital organ in the human body if not detected early. It takes over the body and day by day the patient fades away until nothing is left.
From where I stand, we are a cancer infected people. It’s a cancer thats spread too far too fast. It’s a cancer that blinds us on one side. It’s a cancer that if not quickly treated will eventually see the afflicted become the forgotten.
It’s the cancer called ‘Female Empowerment.’ Now, please don’t get me wrong, I strongly believe in the empowerment of the girl child. For so long we were pushed aside but we fought for our voices to be heard.
In the process however, there was a complication. We lost sight of the main reason why we started the fight.
The girl child is a great asset. She is a mother. She is love. She cares. She is the pillar upon which we support ourselves. We fought so hard to make her feel empowered. To make her feel heard. To help her have a place in the ranks of society. In the process ,however, we forgot that we were fighting for the girl child and not against the boy child.
The boy child is not an enemy. He just needed reminder that for the head to work it needs the suport of the neck. For a building to stand strong against a storm, it needs a steady foundation. We forgot that this was not a war of genders.
In empowering the girl child, society has completely forgotten the boy child. Everyone has this assumption that he is strong and regardless of whatever, he has to make it. The neglect has become so cancerous that we do not even bother to hide it anymore.
In empowering the girl child, society forgot that even the boy child needs the same amount of care, protection and love that the girl child is offered. Everyone is so busy teaching the girl child how to ‘conquer the world’ that they forget. A queen is only as strong as her King.
I walk around everyday and I see the boy child slowly being forgotten. He’s slowly fading into the darkness. It’s so steriotypical of us to think that he will make it because ‘ he is a man.’ They roam the streets carrying dirt bags and sniffing glue in the hope that it will lessen the pain. That somehow it will make society see that they also need a hand to find their way around the complex web of confusion called life.
Empowerment of the girl child doesn’t mean neglect of the boy child. Every Queen needs her King. She shows him the world in a different light. She nurtures him. He protects her. He is the rock. He is her compass. His protection does not mean that she is weak and her intelligence does not mean that he is stupid. It means that the world is balanced.

He is slowly become the forgotten and unless society wakes up and cures this cancer, one day we will all wake up to the realization that we lost him and it will be too late.

Essy 💜


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