Im not much of a political person. I don’t find humor sitting down and spending a few minutes of my life listening to people with money and power throwing shade at each other. Basically what I am trying to say is I do not like the game of politics and not surprisingly neither do alot of people my age. What’s sad is that as a 50+ year old nation-state Kenya lacks one key factor to develop- Leadership. No. I strongly oppose anyone who claims Kenya has leaders. What we have are a bunch of people with money who made sure they got to places of power just to make more money.
Politics is not a dirty game. Politicians are dirty people. With the little I know about the political scene all I ever hear is ‘corruption’ ‘investivating committee’ ‘lost funds’ ‘He said’ ‘She said’….In short all I hear is bickering.
A Kenyan politician to me is equivalent to a man trying to for lack of a better word ‘nail’ a girl. He is sweet and nice and so full of promise. He has his way with words that makes you feel like he would literally give you the stars. Im doing the smh(shaking my head) right about now. The he gets what he wants and just like a piece of toilet paper you are now dumped.They come to us full of life. Full of promise. Full of hope. Full of great words that make the future look brighter. 50 Years we have listened.


50 Years we have let them ‘nail’ us. 50 Years they have dumped us. 50 Years we have taken them back. 50 Years and I’m tired. When does it end? When do we stop letting a pocket with a few thousands or a bag full of maize control our thinking?
The outside world calls us ‘Third World’. 50 years later we are so unstable that we have settled for being the ‘third world.’ We are disease. We are famine. We are hunger. We are violence. We are corruption. They tell us otherwise. Try to sugarcoat the reality with words like ‘united’ ‘development’. Where? Where is the unity when the so called ‘leaders’ are all over the press pointing fingers and name calling? Where is the development when people are dying because of hunger and strife?  Where is the development when patients die everyday in hospitals beacuse we have no equipment?
50 years later we are still weak.50 Years later and we are still blind. We are so caught up in the lies that they have become our truth.Our anthem. We are so used to being treated like ‘thirds’ that we wouldn’t know a first class honour if it hit us on the face.
It’s going to be my first time voting next year and because I know what I want,I will vote for leaders. Not tribe. Not family. Not money.Not words. Not parties. True, Raw Leadership because 50 years from now,I want to be proud of my nation-state. I want to live in a country that’s driven by a future and not by a big belly and some coins.

Essy 💜


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