She knew she could dominate the world. She knew she could have everything she wanted. She knew she was fierce. A force of nature. A beautiful mess. She was imperfect. Inevitably and permanently flawed but she was beautiful.


Her life was simple yet sophisticated. She liked it quiet and loud at the same time. She didn’t want alot in life and at the same time she wanted the stars at her feet.
In her simplicity she liked the little things. She liked the stars, the sunsets and the rain. The starts were so far yet when she looked up at them,she could pen her whole future on them. Sunsets were her favorites. How the sky even though was turning to a dark phase would show her beauty unlike anything she knew.


Sunsets were her peace. Her fascination. The rain she always said came to wash away her troubles. She loved to sit and listen. As the water fell from the skies and hit the ground. She loved the sound it made. It gave her life. She loved walking in the rain. Feeling the water drip against her skin fascinated her. Arose every sense in her body. Made her feel alive. The rain was life. Her life.


In her quiet she loved to reflect. Give herself a pep talk. Time and time again she had to remind herself she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. If not more.


She had to let herself know she was a queen.  Set in the right direction and mindset she could accomplish anything she wanted. She could have the world at her feet and she could count the stars, feel the rain,watch the sunset and be alive.
She was a queen. And nothing could make her feel any less.👑

Essy 💜


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