She was a loner. It was funny how people always confused that with being lonely. Mastering to love and enjoy her own company was one of the best things to happen to her. People had dissapointed her one too many times and no she wasn’t perfect. She had done her share of the dissapointing. Not having people expect things from her and her not expecting anything from them was to her- freeing.


Yes, she had friends amazing, wonderful people that she knew cared about her. They weren’t many, she could almost count them on one hand. These souls did love her she knew and she loved them back. She never got too invested in them though. Investing too much meant risking a greater loss. And she hated loss. She hated everything that it dragged along. But with the little she had she loved each one of them in her own way.


She wasn’t lonely. Did she get lonely though? Yes. We all do. She would have gone out of her way to find company but the conversations in her head seemed more interesting than most she had had. And she loved it. She didn’t expect people to get it,she just expected them to leave her alone.
She was fine. In an introvert kind of way she was perfect. She had learnt too much on her lonesome self. She loved herself more. She understood life better and she learnt how to scream out the words by herself. Crowds just didn’t do it for her.


She loved being able to be herself and not live upto anyone’s expections.
Did she think of herself as weird? Of course. Besides who is really normal? :)💜

Essy 💜


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